Granada Multi-Campus?

Back in late October 2009, Granada opened a campus out in the city of Doral.  We’re not the first church to move in this direction.  John Piper and Tim Keller both lead churches with multiple campuses.  Christ Fellowship has also adopted the multi-campus strategy and now operates in a number of locations in Miami-Dade County.  Fellowship church boasts four campuses in Texas, and one here in Miami.  At last count, over 2,000 churches in the U.S. have multiple campuses.  So why are churches moving in this direction?  First, churches are finding that they can reach a limited number of people from only one location.  Yes, some mega-churches have exploded with growth during the last few decades, but these churches are also learning their limits.  John Piper saw his church reach its limit with multiple worship services, and a facility over-crowded.  The church leadership managed this growth by renting space so that people could gather and worship with a televised message from Dr. Piper. Redeemer Church in Manhattan went to multi-sites in the early days of the church for a different reason.  Their goal wasn’t to gather more people but to bring their ministry to more communities in their city.  Rather than have people come from all over New York to one community.  The desire was to go into the different communities of the city.

…we sent our services out into different locations so that people could worship closer to where they lived. People can become more deeply involved in the community and can more easily bring friends if they attend services in their neighborhood. This was an ‘anti-mega-church’ move, since huge churches create a large body of commuters who travel long distances to attend church. We wanted to resist this tendency and root people more in their locales. –Tim Keller

Doral City Hall

The plan of Redeemer better reflects the goals of Granada.  We don’t have mega-church aspirations, but we do desire to serve the communities of our city.  For us, the mult-site approach allows us to plant a new work without all the expense of doing a church plant from the ground up.  How so?  Rather than bringing in new leaders, we can use the existing network of leaders we already have.  Rather than trying to duplicate ministry, we want to use what is already here.  This allows us to move into new neighborhoods and get ministry going much more quickly.  This is what our city needs.  We remain the most under-churched city in the southeast and one of the top under-churched cities in the nation.  Our goal is not to get everyone in town to come to one location, but to see the gospel move into each community.  This is what is so exciting about being in Doral.  This is a different community than the Gables.  The leadership, the needs, the opportunities are quite different.

In the same way, our goal is not to broadcast video to different sites in our city.  We want to see preaching that fits each different community. Henri Rojas is preaching in Doral in Spanish.  His messages track with our Coral Gables campus, but they are meant to be applied to Doral, the culture and people who are there. In the future, we envision worship and preaching also in English in Doral, but that campus needs to track with the needs and opportunities of the new community.

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  1. Posted by Sandy on January 19, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    Good ideas…..


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