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Haiti-Developing a Partnership

Over the last few years our church, Granada Presbyterian in Coral Gables, FL, has been looking to develop a long-term partnering relationship for ministry outside the US. We have sought a church of like mind that we could share resources and relationship with for the long haul. Our missions team scouted and located a community in Costa Rica that they thought would be an excellent candidate. Even though a large team was sent down in 2007, the long-term relationship never came together. My desire to continue to seek avenues to develop this relationship pressed me to explore possibilities in Haiti. I traveled there with leaders from GCA (the Great Commission Alliance), and spent my time praying and considering how we might work together with our brothers and sisters in Cayes who are under the direction of Pastor Lewis St. Germain. Here’s what I found:

1. The spiritual drive of the mission is strong and vibrant. They are building on a strong foundation in Christ.
2. The work is well led and managed. One cannot help but be impressed by how much has been accomplished in the last ten years or so. It is a growing movement. Also, they have worked to provide accommodations and coordination that facilitate missions.
3. The people of Haiti are benefiting immensely from this work. Nearly 1,500 children are being cared for in the orphanages of the ministry. These children are being provided an education and all the resources they will need to move forward and live for Christ as adults in Haiti. Each site has a growing vibrant church and pastor to minister to the community.
4. This is no flash-in-the-pan work. They have made a long-term commitment to make a difference in Haiti. The work is being directed and coordinated by Haitian pastors and leaders. The leadership is thinking and praying forward.

Now it is left to us to see what our role is and our we can best partner with them.

This is the 2nd in a series on Haiti.

Haitian Orphan Children

Haitian Orphan Children