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Simply Amazing

When miracle moments take place, we need to capture them. Celebrate them. Yesterday was one of those moments. Sonia’s story is powerful. Beautiful. To share her story, I need to rewind the tape a few months. Sonia is an orphan from Haiti who was received by a Christian orphanage. Taking care of her was no small matter. She was born with a life-threatening congenital heart defect with no chance for long-term survival apart from the kind of care that does not exist in Haiti. The surgery she needed is expensive and only available in first-world countries with cutting edge medical facilities. In other words, it was just not going to happen. Obviously, God had other plans for her. Of course, permission to travel to the U.S. had to be granted, and resources for her surgery had to be secured. There were months of phone calls and desperate prayers.

Sonia coming out of surgery

Yesterday, Sonia’s heart was repaired at Miami Children’s Hospital in Miami. Our community is graced with one of the preeminent pediatric facilities in the world. The hospital has demonstrated the best characteristics of service and has provided exemplary care. The surgery was performed by Dr. Redmond Burke, who took an interest in Sonia and advocated for her treatment. Of course, many other people have come together to make this possible: The staff at God’s Little Angels orphanage in Haiti as well as families and friends in Miami, and elsewhere who have prayed for Sonia. By all accounts, Sonia has responded well to the surgery and is on track for recovery. Standing over her bed in CICU, I couldn’t help but marvel at all that has happened to love this six month-old baby girl. I thank God for our community and those who work to make this such a place of grace and care. I thank God for opening the door for Sonia to receive the love she needs to thrive. Please pray for her in the days ahead.