Fast Food

Over the next month the sermon series at Granada follows the eating ministry of Jesus.  Yes, a survey of the ministry of Jesus reveals that much of his ministry was conducted over meals.  Why?  The table is the focus of community life.  Food and drink shared together create a gateway for community interaction and community building.  This explains much of our struggle with community today, and why so many of us feel lonely and disconnected.  We just do not spend significant time eating together.  Eric Schlosser in his convincing work Fast Food Nation, reveals how we have been won over to a way of living that takes the social aspect out of meals.  Yes, meals are for fueling.  But, they are also the most significant times we have for social engagement, for sharing our lives with each other.  Today we do much of our eating on the run.  Consider the statistics: According to Schlosser, in 1970 Americans spent about $6 billion on fast food.  By 2001 that number jumped to $110 billion.  We spend more on fast food than higher education, personal computers or new cars.  We spend more on fast food than movies, books, magazines, newspapers, and recorded music combined. A generation ago three fourths of all money spent on food was spent on food prepared at home.  Today about half of all food money is spent at restaurants–mostly fast food restaurants.

Okay I must admit, the book was pretty revealing.  But, the other side of the issue for us Jesus-followers is God’s way.  God seems to be always sitting down with his people for a meal.  When God ratified the covenant of the law with his people, he invited the elders to a meal with him.  When God liberated his people from their Egyptian slave drivers, he chose to bring it about through an extended family feast.  If you were to enter into the temple, you would find a dinner table with fresh baked bread on it.   When Jesus prepared to go to the cross, his last act was to share supper with his disciples.  At this meal, he told them that he was looking forward to eating with them in the kingdom to come.  The book of Revelation tells us that when Jesus returns for his people, the first official event will be a wedding banquet.  It couldn’t be clearer.  God is pursuing community with us.  He is inviting us to his table.

The questions for me: have we forgotten the joy and power of sharing the table with each other?  Are we benefiting from dining together? Or, do we see our meals as nothing more than a refueling operation?  How can we recapture the wonder and joy of dining together?

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  1. Posted by Sandy on January 18, 2017 at 3:02 am

    Great reminder.


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