Evening of the First Day

We remember Mauro like this! (With our son Andrew and Matt Hedinger)

We remember Mauro like this! (With our son Andrew and Matt Hedinger)

The evening of our first day in Buenos Aires allowed us the opportunity to catch up with an old friend.  We made contact with Mauro Zaltron before arriving in Argentina with the hope we would be able to visit with him and perhaps other members of his family.  Mauro’s dad, Omar Zaltron, began Spanish ministry at Granada.  It was such a privilege to know the Zaltron’s and to share time together at Granada.  It just so happened that though the family lives miles from the center of town, Mauro and his brother Julian worked nearby.  We arranged to meet at our hotel to visit for a few minutes. Mauro is about the same age as our son Andrew, and he is doing IT work in the city.  We were so pleased to see him thriving and to get news about his family.  Meeting together reminded us of the connection we have with our spiritual family and our church family. I am grateful for the work Omar did laying the foundation for the new Spanish ministry at Granada.  As you can see from the pictures, Mauro has grown up!


Our visit with Mauro.

He was able to catch us up on the news of his family and also to share with us about his work and life in Buenos Aires.  We were so thankful to be able to visit with him.  He travels well over an hour each way going to and from work so it was a sacrifice for him to come and see us!

After our time with Mauro, we took a taxi to a restaurant in San Telmo that combines a steak dinner with a traditional Tango Show. The food was excellent and the show was a treat.  There were three components to the show.  First, the tango dancers were accompanied by a band that included piano, violin, two accordions, and percussion. They were terrific and provided additional music between the dances and before and after the show.  Second, there was the tango dancers.  They performed a number of traditional dances and reminded me why I will never be able to do the tango!  We loved watching the dancers glide across the dancer floor intertwined, enjoying their craft.

Tango dancers

Tango dancers in San Telmo

Finally, there was a native musical group with guitar, panpipe, percussion, and mandolin.  This group was clearly the star of the show.  Two members of this band looked like they had walked out of the woods that day.  The other two looked like they had just changed from their business suits! The whole evening was great fun.  We retired to the hotel at about 11pm ready for a good night’s sleep.

The day was exhilarating because of the people we met, the culture we enjoyed and the art.  It made us long for a growth of the arts in our city, and to thank God that he has woven the arts into who we are.

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    Sweet time!!!


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