Keep Praying

The news from Haiti continues to discourage us.  We are now being told that as many as 100,000 people have contracted cholera. Over 2,000 have died.  The US State Dept. has further cautioned US citizens about traveling to Haiti because of the spread of disease and the civil unrest following the national elections.  Can it get worse?  There are positive signs.  Health officials are working on a vaccination program to help protect the weakest from the dangers of cholera.  There is, however, no end in sight to the dispute over the election results.

We have good news on the home front.  First, our prototype house has been completed.  We wanted to build the first unit here to understand the challenges and also to see what design changes might be needed to take it to the field. This is a one family unit as opposed to the multi-family units that were an earlier design.  Dave McCloud and Mario Trevilla have done the heavy lifting on this along with a number of other men from Granada. During our November visit to Port-au-Prince we identified the first homesites for this model.  We were more than a little concerned about the cultural acceptance of these structures, but the church leaders affirmed the plan.  They said that these homes are a gift from God. Second, we will be working to take a team from Granada to assist in the construction of these homes.  I would expect the team to go in late January.  We want to use this opportunity to work side-by-side with the men of the community.  Third, we have been able to partner with a shipping company that will be able to get our containers and supplies to us.  The logistics have been one of the most difficult pieces of the puzzle.  Thank you for praying for this project.  Doing anything in Haiti requires patience and determination.  I thank God for our team of folks from Granada and their commitment to the people of Haiti.  We believe Jesus wants us to walk alongside the Haitian people during this time of rebuilding.

Of course, the people of Haiti need our prayers.  Our November visit reminded us of the desperate need of the people and also the immense amount of work ahead. If you would like to support the work, would be willing to be part of a team, or if you would be willing to assist in the work here, please contact Granada’s Serve the World office.

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  1. Posted by Sandy on August 11, 2018 at 9:03 pm

    Grateful for your persistence.


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