Back in Haiti

Arrived this morning to Port-au-Prince. It is such a short flight from Miami, but the difference is shocking. Before the wheels hit the Tarmac we could see almost endless fields of tents. Once on the ground American Airlines bused us to an alternate terminal, a warehouse replacement for the earthquake-damaged one. Driving across town you get the feeling that half the city has been abandoned. No one has bothered to tear anything down. Untold numbers continue to dwell in tents.

Of course, the latest grief for Haiti is the cholera outbreak that has reached Port-au-Prince. With unsafe conditions and lack of clean water, this disease has found the opportunity to spread. We carried bottled water to avoid drinking the water in the city.

We are here only for a few days to firm up plans for some container homes on a new piece of property. The problems: where can we secure a crane to lift and position them? How will we get our containers and supplies through customs and to the site? Who will be our in country contractor to assist us?

It only takes a small light to pierce the darkness. Yes, the battle is spiritual. Putting up buildings will not be the cure. Hope is not restored easily. It is hard to think about the future when today is in question. Long-term gospel partnership is the way to show Christ’s love here. Pray for our efforts, safety, and for the relationships.

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  1. Posted by sandy the other on November 17, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    Worth-Did not know you were going. phonetically “Kijan ou ye”? Definitely will PRAY. Try singin hymns-and maybe a Christian will recognize and sing along in Creole and you can make a contact? Do any of the previous Haiti people from Granada (Serge,Lou) know anyone? Please be careful medically speaking. In CHrist, the “other ” Sandy


  2. Posted by Sandy on August 8, 2018 at 4:22 pm

    Praying anew for Haiti.


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