Suffering and Haiti

As news comes in this week of the continuing battle against the spread of cholera in Haiti, NBC6 Miami did a short story on Brian Kelso and his recovery from malaria.  Brian is the director of Great Commission Alliance, the NGO we partner with for ministry in Haiti.  Brian has been working in Haiti for more than ten years.  This year he has travelled two or three times each month to track with the post-earthquake work at the mission there.  In August he found that he had contracted malaria.  In truth, he nearly died.  We thank God for his recovery.

There is no ministry without sacrifice.  From the first missionaries, the apostles of Jesus who went out at the risk of their lives to those who serve today and leave family and country to serve Christ, it goes with the territory.  We see this most clearly in Jesus who laid aside everything for the sake of his mission to serve his Father and to redeem us.

I hope you’ll watch Brian’s story.  His dedication to Christ and his love for the Haitian people has been a challenge to me for years.  Yes, he has suffered.  But as he says, the people of Haiti are suffering every day.

Brian plans on returning in January to continue his work there.  How can you get involved?  If you are interested in traveling to participate in the work, serving here on the team that supports the work, or giving to advance the mission, please email me.

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