A New Community for Haiti

What is happening with plans for assistance in Haiti?  There’s a plan afoot that is coming into focus more each day.  The mayor of the city where we are bringing assistance is providing land to GCA (Great Commission Alliance, the NGO we are partnering with) for the establishment of a model village.  This space is planned to provide relief for refugees and a permanent community to allow them to rebuild their lives.  This new community will be planned from the ground up in an area of nearly 100 acres.  We will work with Miami leaders to develop the site plan that includes permanent housing, a church, schools, and also business opportunities.  The mayor hopes that by settling people in new villages, they will be able to relieve the desperate situation of over-crowding in the city.

Granada members have assisted in the development of the plan for permanent housing using containers.  The reason for using containers is that such housing is inexpensive (as little as $800 per family), safe during earthquakes and hurricanes, and that it can be quickly put together on site.  There are a vast number of options for using containers for housing.  We have developed a plan for a pilot project to bring the first homes to the new site.  We hope to complete this project in the next few weeks, but much work remains for the plan to come together.  All of us feel a sense of mission in this, and we thank God with each new development.

Of course, we want more than housing and food for the people of Mirebalais.  We want gospel transformation for their community.  We do not want Haitian life to return to normal.  We want a new life for them.   There is much that needs to be done.  Please pray for completion of the site plan, for teams be formed to travel to Haiti and assemble the new homes on site, for the financial resources to develop the site, for the people of Mirebalais to welcome this plan as their own, for an open door for the gospel, and for people to turn to Christ for life and hope.  This is an exciting time for us all.  Thank you for being part of the work through your prayer, serving, and giving.  Please let me know if you have questions, or if you wish to participate in this project in any way. We are looking for team members willing to visit and oversee the work.

Example of what can be done with containers.

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  1. Posted by Sandy on August 4, 2018 at 2:07 am

    Whoa, the house in that picture looks a lot bigger than anything I was expecting!


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