Developments in Haiti

After a long delay without a post, it’s time for an update on ministry developments in Haiti.  Granada is partnering with GCA (Great Commission Alliance) to bring relief and gospel ministry to the Haitian people.  The work is centered about a 45 minute drive outside of Port-au-Prince (PAP).

Why station ourselves outside of PAP? The earthquake brought about a mass migration of refugees from the Haitian capitol to the surrounding cities and towns.  A million people have fled.  Mirebalais is a town of 200,000 people that has nearly doubled in size because of the influx of people.

Where do the people live when they arrive? Many live with friends and relatives adding to the already cramped conditions of housing in Mirebalais.  Many more simply live outside, some under tarps but most with no shelter.

What is being done to assist them? First, a feeding program has been set up in Mirebalais to provide food for displaced families.  Second, tent villages are springing up in and around Mirebalais. The mayor of the town has offered land for these villages to be constructed.  There is a race against time to get the housing in place because the April rainy season is soon upon them.  Granada is involved in spearheading a project to provide more permanent housing.  Tent-housing may be the only way to get shelter for so many people so quickly, but we are devised a permanent housing plan this is inexpensive and can be quickly provided.  Some of our Granada members have come together to design and build housing using empty shipping containers.  This would allow us to move quickly to meet the need and so do so in the most cost effective way.  (A home for a family of 5-6 can be provided for about $800 to $1000.) We hope to have the first prototype completed in the next couple of weeks and then transported to the site before the rains begin.  Please pray for these efforts and for all of the planning and logistics involved.

How can I get involved? First, if you are part of Granada you already are. Gifts given to the Serve the World (STW) team are being used to provide containers of food for the feeding program and to do the planning of the container village.  But, these are the first days in response to this crisis.  The need is Haiti is staggering and will not melt away in the next few months.  It will take years to rebuild and we believe that this is a God-ordained moment to change the future of Haiti.  We will continue to receive gifts of money and food for this work going forward.  We pray for continued generosity so that the work can go forward.  Second, we will also be taking teams to assist in the work.  The STW team will work to keep you informed about the latest initiatives and also the teams going to Haiti.  Third, pray.  Prayer is not the way we win the battle.  It is the battle.  It doesn’t take long when visiting Haiti to realize that the need is greater than any of us can meet. We depend upon God for the hope of Haiti.  The people of Haiti need God’s grace and mercy above all else.

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  1. Posted by phil on March 3, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    Thanks for the update!


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