Passing by Port-au-Prince

After learning that we could not direct the container trucks through the Elias Pena border crossing into Haiti, we wanted to explore a better option.  Today we drove from Mirebalais down to the outskirts of Port-au-Prince.  The closer we got the more houses we could see had collapsed.  There were also rock slides in the mountains along the way.  After hearing about the conditions in Port-au-Prince and the potential danger, we skirted the city and drove to Jamini, another border crossing into the DR.  On our way out there were immense convoys of trucks bringing in supplies. Canada was bringing in their troops with all their hardware as we were going out.  We found our route.  It was nothing short of chaos crossing the border, but eventually we sailed through.  This is the road we were looking for to transport teams and goods.

Along the way we saw immense crowds trying to get food as trucks were off-loading.  I plan to share more about this Sunday.  It was sad to see the crowds and wonder what would be next for them.  But, I was pleased to see the assistance that is flowing in.

Each step of the way, Mario and I were convinced that God was guiding our way.  First, the delay of the container made it possible for us to scout the best truck route to Mirebalais.  Second, when we took the medical supplies to the clinic in Mirebalais, we could not find all the antibiotics.  That night I became sick and Mario found them.  Our trip today would have been miserable with this mercy.  It has been amazing how God has orchestrated the details.

The needs are overwhelming in Haiti.  Entering the country after the earthquake is like stepping back in time. Everything is done by hand.  No tractors to farm, little equipment of any kind.  But the people were grateful to see us, and so thankful for our love for them and interest in them.  I was constantly reminded of the gospel and the lengths God went to in order to come to us and serve us.

Tomorrow we drive to the airport for our flight home.  We will greet another team coming in and give the vehicle and supplies to them.  They plan to drive to the border tomorrow and continue the work.  I look forward to sharing more with you in the days again.

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