At the Border

This morning the final purchases of cooking items were made in Santo Domingo. In the afternoon we began the trip to the border with Haiti. We arrived just short of the border to spend the night. The border opens at 7:30am and closes at 6pm. Tomorrow we plan to cross at opening time. A church pastor in Mirebalais will help us distribute medical supplies and cooking implements when we arrive. We have seen God’s faithfulness in opening the way for new relationships and also providing safety in our travels. Pray for an easy crossing and for safety entering Haiti. The road is rough. We have been told that 200,000 refugees are now in Mirebalais. Will provide updates as we are able.

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  1. Posted by Vicky Townsend Pestrichelli on February 4, 2010 at 2:00 am

    Hi Worth. I hope this comment finds you in Haiti, and that your efforts are creating much fruit. I don’t know if you are aware, but my husband and I own a generator company in South Florida. We do big stuff….nothing portable, and not something like a small orphanage could use, however, we do have a 2,000 KW brand new Cummins generator (it will run a hospital, a large factory, even a small city) It is huge, and is a major project. It is not for something in the immediate, but will take a special project to be able to utilize it. While we would love to donate the entire thing, we are not in the financial position to do that. We would like to donate $50,000.00 of the cost of the generator to the right charity, for the people in Haiti. (we paid $326,000.00 for it) This generator will help them rebuild their economy. I have pictures of it if you would like to see it. To give you an idea, we just installed 2 of them for the city of St. Petersburg, FL, and it took 3 cranes to lift them. Of course, it will take huge diesel tanks, switch gear, cranes and the like. You can see that it will take a lot of cooperation on the part of the Haitians to make it work. We are willing to do whatever is necessary on this side to make it happen. Should you run into someone that is rebuilding something like I mentioned, please let them know about the generator we have, and can make available for them. It would be an honor to help the people of Haiti rebuild to something better. God bless, Worth!



  2. Posted by Sandy on August 2, 2018 at 2:28 am

    Grateful for God’s provision of safety and new relationships. Wow, that was an incredible offer from Vicky.


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