Arrived in Mirebalais

Getting into Mirebalais via the Elias Pina border crossing was very difficult. The road was barely passable in some sections, and we are in a land rover. The mountains were beautiful as were the people, but 30km (about 20 miles) of dirt road took us 2 hours to drive. Good thing we had 2 Haitian leaders who help with the mission with us. This time today was well spent because we learned the road conditions and where we need to direct the container trucks in the future.

Upon arrival we met with a pastor who started a network of ten churches and who also has an orphanage for deaf orphanage. Out next stop was to chech on the GCA guesthouse and see it under construction.

Later we visited the orphanage and left a soccer ball and bat and ball with the children. They were so pleased to see us. When we got out of the car we could hear the boys choir singing. Beautiful.

While visiting one of the pastors, we met a young man who had been trapped two days under rubble in Port-au-Prince. He lost his right leg below the knee. He explained His sadness in the death of many friends. He was in school attending his last class for the day when the building came down. He was so grateful to God that his life was spared.

Next we are off to a hospital to provide medical supplies. …we stopped in found Cuban doctors but no supplies or medicines. They were happy to see us and what we brought to them. They provided us a list of items we could bring in the future.

Tonight we picked up a pastor and his wife to take them to dinner.

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  1. Posted by Sandy on August 2, 2018 at 2:37 am

    I like how you could see that the difficulties of the day were helping you to prepare for the future work/transportation. Wish we could always do that in life!


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