It’s a Small World After All

One of the not-so-pleasant memories of my childhood took place in the early days of Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando.   The rides were few in the early days and the park wasn’t a one-price-gets-you-everything proposition.  There were to A, B, C, D, and E tickets.  The “A” tickets were for the simple kid’s rides. The best rides required an “E” ticket. I remember towards the end of one day in the park most of our best tickets were long gone.  My mother managed to talk her three boys into taking the “It’s-a-small-world-after-all” ride.  If you’ve never taken this ride, it is actually a boat ride through rooms where the nations of the world are represented by their dolls.  The song “It’s A Small World After All”  plays during the entire ride on a repeating track.  Our boat got stuck behind another boat that had become wedged in the wrong position in the channel.  We were stuck in place for over half an hour until the maintenance crew arrived to free us from our repeating-song prison.  (I think the song is still repeating in my head.)  Indeed, our world was small after all.

I am reminded time and again that through Miami has grown into a world class city, it’s a small world.  I regularly bump into people from my high school class at Palmetto.  Recently through the wonder of connections made via Facebook, I reconnected with friends from my high school Campus Life (Youth for Christ) club from high school.  We gathered for a reunion in Orlando. Mind you, we hadn’t seen each other in 30 years.   The degree of unity and the closeness we experienced surprised us all.  Where did it come from?  It’s a small world, right?  Not exactly.  What had bound us together for so many years was Christ.  In Christ, it’s more like a big family after all.  Sandy and I drove home from Orlando after this time together  wanting these relationships for our kids.  Desiring the people in our church to know the strength of such bonds in Christ.  We feel privileged to have enjoyed this big family for a lifetime. One can’t imagine a better ride.  This is one reason we are such advocates of sharing community in the church.  The spiritual friends from our past are a reminder of the riches that God has given us in his new family, his church.

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