Tim Keller Wants to Save Your Yuppie Soul

That’s the title of the article in the New York Magazine on our sister church pastor Tim Keller.  Keller has been pastoring Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan for more than two decades.  But, the release of his latest book (he’s published three in the last year) got the public’s attention. Why?  He dares to think that the gospel has the cure for what ails New Yorkers (and the rest of us not lucky enough to be living in the Big Apple).  His book entitled:  Counterfeit gods bears the sub-title:  The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power, and the Only Hope That Matters. The magazine took note when this book began to rocket up the best-seller list. What is Keller saying that has gained such notice? This little book demonstrates that money, sex, and success promise to give us the things our hearts desire.  We are so wrapped up in these things, giving our hearts and attention to them.  It’s like they are false gods.  We worship and serve them because we think they will give us life.  But, each falls miserably short.  Keller suggests that each of these false gods point beyond themselves where we can find hope.  He makes a compelling argument from scripture and from culture. Where can we find hope?  In the one who alone can meet the deep needs we have.  In the person of Jesus and in the way opened by him for us to have life with God.Now, I’m going to stop short of providing his arguments because I’d rather you read the book for yourself.

This is a book I’d heartily recommend. It’s cogent and good material for friends who understand the deepest human longings but who are looking in the wrong place to have them filled.


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  1. Posted by Sandy on January 7, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    Thank you!


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